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11 December 2017


Surprise your loved ones this Christmas with a specially curated surprise delivered by POPStation!

Tell us how you will surprise your loved one using a POPStation locker this Christmas and why he or she deserves this surprise!

The most creative/heart warming idea will be brought to life by the POPStation team.



Congratulations to the following winners!


Grand Prize:

Seline Tan

(M)y dearest dad was amazed when I collect my parcel from  [Y]ew tee popstation! I would like to surprise him with a  (S)martwatch(below $300)this Christmas!  (I)'m going to tell him I'm overseas, [N]ot able to retrieve my parcel!  (G)ot to trouble him to go to the (P)opstation to get it for me as it is extremely urgent and confidential! (O)h he be so surprise by the gift and  (S)weet note that I have for him! (T)eck Chuan Tan my dad is the best in the world and I love to win this for my first love, my hero and my sunshine!   I'm really grateful that I have my dad Teck Chuan Tan this life. If not for his support and sacrifices, I will not be what I am today! He sacrificed his dream of being an artist to support the family by holding 2 jobs and ended up affecting his health. He suffered from heart attack twice and it makes me realise how vulnerable life is. I'm grateful that he is fine now.  He moulded me to who I am today, no amount of words can express how I really feel! We should treasure our loved ones and hold them tight while we still can!   During my wedding day, he woke up earlier than me to prepare for my big day and even said to me:" Even if you are married, I will still protect you with all my life." I'm so touched that tears rolled down my cheeks!   The following traits can all be found in him!  (T)enacity-never give up (E)fficient (C)aring (K)nowledgeable  (C)harismatic (H)appy go lucky (U)nique way of handling problems (A)ppreciative towards others [N]oble  In my heart, he definitely deserves this surprise! Merry Christmas and hope mysingpost could grant my little wish and is hard to get the likes as I don't want to trouble my friends!   Liked page and shared! Thanks for this generous giveaway!

10 Participation Prizes:

1. Cheryl Yit

2. Nick Chen

3. Quek Ding Xiang

4. Mandy Soo

5. Nicole Har

6. Joseph SH

7. Alvin Yap JY

8. Davynn Quek Pei Qi

9. Elena Tang WenFang

10. Ahsinoriahk Ludba Namhar

Bonus winners who touched our hearts with their stories ($100 Vouchers):

1. Cindy Angelique Chia

6years ago, my Wife and I was trying real hard for kids , going through a turmoil that we lost our first unborn in 2nd trimester we felt that fate was challenging and torturing us . But my Wife whom Was very strong even how devastated she was from her lost, she told me we were young and should not give up.  And after months she finally got pregnant but was told to be bedridden as much as possible to minimise her walking . And plus she need to go through a stitching procedure to hold her baby in her week 11 of her pregnancy .  During the pregnancy stage , she was very uptight and cautious . But still she would always tried hard to fight her fear and stress in order not To add our stress on me.  After all these , she finally delivered and even wanted to try another baby . Which was more harder on her to take care of a toddler and worry about the baby in her.  Now being a mom of 2, she even sacrificed her career knowing that our parents are unable to cope with our kids due to old age.  As we really treasured our kids so we decided to bite through the hardship and handled the kids by ourselves which she totally in control of them for their overall wellbeing and growth.  Hope to get her Garmin Activity tracker  so here I am hoping to have mysingpost to accomplish this Christmas wish of mine to get this that she can start her exercise regime and allow her to be healthy and happy. I will ask her to go to POPstation locker and telling her to help me to collect a parcel on my behalf which is meant as a big surprise for her.  Thanks so much and hope You can be my Santa 

2. Derick Goh

Every couple has their own love story, so does my hubby and I..and I must say Singpost has been in almost every stage of our relationship!  We were childhood friends where we studied in primary schools next to each other. He went overseas with his family in the 80s and back then, we do not use email or whatsapp to stay in touch..Instead..we used Singpost Aerogramme! Communication was so simple then, a letter, an aerogramme or the occasional surprise parcel.  We kind of lost touch for few years after my family shifted house and fate brought us back when we bump into each other as adults. Naturally, we became a couple very quickly. His work takes him overseas very frequently and just 2 years before our wedding, he had to be posted to usa for 1.5 years. It was a very challenging and tiring period for us. We were thousands of miles apart and it got really lonely especially during special occasions like Valentine's Day or alone here with him so far away. To help him feel less home sick, I used to send him little parcels of surprise using Speedpost..from some 3 in 1 Hainanese chicken rice the cross stitch that I sewed specially for him. I must say that Singpost was the pillar of our strong foundation during those challenging times.  We have now been married and come 20 Dec, it's our 9th wedding anniversary. We never have to be apart from each other now and it's been almost 10 years since I sent him something in a parcel and I hope i can surprise him with our "guardian angel" send him an Apple iPhone X in the POPStation as my gift for him this anniversary cum remind him that our relationship have withstood the many phases of technology advances. We have been blessed by mysingpost, keeping our relationship in check with communications in many different forms. Keeping my fingers crossed! 

Terms & Conditions:

Total: 11 winners

1st Prize:

Implementation of proposed surprise (capped at $300, and not inclusive of travel / hotel / vouchers)

10 Participation Prizes:

$100 Capitamall Vouchers

Contest Period

12 Dec 2017 to 18 Dec 2017

The contest will end on 18 Dec 2017, 2359hrs.


1.       This contest is only open to all Singaporeans, Singaporean PR holders and those residing in Singapore.

2.       Contest entries must include using a POPStation locker to be eligible for the contest.

3.       Staff and immediate family members of Singapore Post Limited and subsidiaries are not eligible.

4.       Only submissions made on the Facebook contest post via Comments ( will be considered valid.

5.       Singapore Post Limited reserves the right to refuse any entry which contains:

a.       Political or religious connotations or views, pornography, obscenity, vulgarity, hatred, bigotry, racism or gratuitous violence

b.      Material which is offensive, injurious, obscene, vindictive, indecent, immoral, aggressive, sexually oriented, racist, derisive, slanderous, discriminatory, or in any other way not in line with good taste and decency

6.       All personal details submitted must be accurate and complete and are subject to proof upon request by Singapore Post. Singapore Post reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of entries and entrants and to disqualify any entry not submitted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or which tampers with the entry process.

7.       Incomplete, indecipherable, illegible, incorrect entries or any entry that violates the Terms of Usage or rules for entry will automatically be disqualified.

8.       Entries received after the Closing Date will be disqualified.

9.       Only entries from individuals will be accepted. Any entry that Singapore Post Limited believes has been made (a) via participation in a syndicate or (b) via any form of machine-assisted intervention enabling computer generated multiple entries, will be disqualified.

10.   Singapore Post Limited reserves the right to terminate the Contest or to modify the Contest rules and Terms prior to the Closing Date by amending the rules and Terms hereof at its sole and absolute discretion. Any such modifications shall be notified via the Contest Website, and such modifications shall be immediately effective and apply to all entries, including entries that have been submitted to Singapore Post Limited.


Winner Selection & Prize

1.       1st prize will be awarded to the most creative/heart-warming surprise selected by the POPStation team, 10 participation prizes will be awarded to the top 10 most liked surprise proposal.

2.       Winners will be selected by Singapore Post Limited and the decision regarding the winning entry is final and binding in all respects on all competition entrants and no further discussion will be entertained on the decision of the winner.

3.       Winners will be announced via by 22 December 2017.

4.       Prizes are not refundable and exchangeable for cash or any other prize items.

5.       Winners are to contact us via Private Messages to our Facebook page with their Name and Email to receive details on how to further discuss the implementation of their proposal. If a winner is not able, for any reason, to accept the prize, or do not contact Singapore Post within one (1) days of our first attempt of notifying them, Singapore Post Limited then reserves the right to award the prize to another entrant.

6.       By agreeing to participate in the “POP-A-Surprise” contest, you hereby agree and consent to Singapore Post Limited, its authorised service providers and its advertising and promotion agencies collecting, using and/or disclosing your personal data including your name, picture, image and voice for Singapore Post Limited, its authorised service providers and its advertising and promotion agencies to organise, conduct, publicise or promote the contest. Such collection, use and/or disclosure will be without payment or compensation. All winners may be required to attend a prize presentation ceremony.

7.       Singapore Post Limited reserves the right to revoke prizes if the winner does not meet any or all eligibility requirements, even though an announcement may have been made on the air indicating that person was the winner.

8.       All prizes must be picked up during business hours at Singapore Post Centre 10 Eunos Road 8, Level 7, Corporate Office Reception, Singapore 408600 or delivered to the winner via POPStation, unless otherwise stated.  Collection time is between 9am to 6pm, Monday - Friday. Prizes will not be mailed unless otherwise stated.  Prizes left unclaimed within 7 days after winning will be forfeited.

9.       All winners are required to show their original identification card/passport upon collection of prizes.  For winners who are unable to collect their prizes personally, a letter of authorisation is required. The person collecting in proxy must produce the winner's original IC/passport/ Photo ID (with name, photo & IC No) for collection.

10.   In the event that Singapore Post Limited cannot for any reason obtain the Winner’s acknowledgement within twenty four (24) hours of first attempting to do so, Singapore Post Limited reserves the right to select an alternative Winner at Organiser’s sole discretion.

11.   Singapore Post Limited reserves the right to select an alternative Winner at any time, where Singapore Post Limited has reasonable grounds for believing that the initially selected Winner has contravened any of these Terms. Any alternative Winner will be selected applying the same criteria as that used to select the original Winner.

12.   Any queries regarding the Contest should specify the name of the Contest and be addressed to